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The Drupal software our system relies on reaches end-of-life 01-05-2025.

  • Drupal.org has stated this is the final extension.
  • Campus teams and leadership are hard at work developing the next generation of Cal Poly's web presence.
  • An alternative hosting solution is not yet available.
  • You do not need to move your sites off the existing Drupal system yet.
  • More information about both the next solution and migrating off the current system will be provided as it becomes available! 


  1. Support for Cal Poly's Drupal system is still provided via tickets submitted to the Support Center. Direct communication support (such as Zoom, phone, or in-person) is not available.

  2. Cal Poly is attempting to limit "subdomain sprawl" because a wide proliferation of small sites is detrimental to an organization's web presence. For questions or guidance about this issue and SEO at Cal Poly, contact the University Marketing team via web-comms@calpoly.edu.

  3. With all of the above in mind: Any new site requests are expected to provide sufficient context to demonstrate both the necessity of the site as a standalone entity (meaning it cannot be hosted as a section of the parent unit's site) and an understanding of the approaching software EOL.

Site Administrator Information

The site admin is the staff or faculty member who will be in charge of the site, and is responsible for adding other users to the site.

Request Type and Purpose
Subdomain sprawl is detrimental to the university's web presence, and most web content does not need to be hosted on a discrete subdomain - please consider alternatives such as hosting within a parent unit's existing website.

"New Site" is the simplest site request, and means you're creating a brand new site!

"Migration" means you're planning to move the entirety of an existing site out of its current host and into Drupal.

"Rename" means you already have a site, but you want to change your subdomain, such as from oldsite.calpoly.edu to newname.calpoly.edu.

Please be aware! Renames are possible, but they are an extensive process that hurts your SEO! Review our page explaining the risks and consult with University Marketing before proceeding with this request.

"Breakout" means you're planning to move a portion of the content on an existing site into its own discrete site.

IRAs are defined by Academic Programs and Planning. The Drupal team will likely contact you to discuss IRA site requests, as they are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Clubs are not provided sites on our Drupal systems! Read more on our page about who gets Drupal sites.

Tell us a little bit about what this site will be used for.

Please be aware! Drupal sites can ONLY collect Level 1 data on SecureForms sites. Please review the Information Security Site for details on data classification.

By clicking "Confirm", you agree you have reviewed and understand what constitutes Level 1 Data, and that this site will NOT be collecting any Level 1 Data.

Site Name

The format of your site URL will depend on whether or not you need to collect any Level 1 Data.

Great! Since you don't need to collect any Level 1 Data, you'll be requesting a site on our "Enterprise" environment. The URL format for Enterprise sites is:



Since you need to collect Level 1 Data, you'll be requesting a site on our "SecureForms" environment. These sites are intended to only host the webforms that need to collect Level 1 Data, and should be used in tandem with a main/primary site that hosts your other content.

Your primary site should link users to a webform on the SecureForms when needed, and they should be linked back to the main site when the webform has been completed.

The URL format for a SecureForms site is:



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