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Drupal Users Email Alias

What is this list?

Drupal Users is an email list that includes all active active user accounts on our Cal Poly Drupal sites. It is used to send communications to our users, usually about major updates or other upcoming news.

How do I sign up?

Drupal Users are added to the list automatically, but the list is only updated periodically. If you're like us and you just can't wait, submit a request here:

Drupal Users Email List Subscribe Request

Why am I on this list?

If you're getting emails from us, that means you have an active Drupal account on a Cal Poly website. Drupal is a web content management system, so you probably did work on a campus website at some point.

This mailing list is generated with a script that pulls all active user accounts. We update the list periodically to sync up with our users – this ensures that deactivated accounts get removed from the list, and new users get added.

How do I get off this list?

First, you need to contact an administrator of the site you have an account on, and get your account deactivated. Because this list is periodically generated based on active user accounts, you will keep getting put back on the list each time it is recreated until all your Drupal accounts are deactivated

Next, send us your Cal Poly email address through this unsubscribe form.

Please be aware that if you are using email forwarding, emails from us might appear in your third-party (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) inbox. However, only Cal Poly accounts are actually on our mailing list. If we do not have your Cal Poly address, we will not be able to remove you from the list.

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