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Embedding Twitter

Note: This guide is dependent on Twitter's embedding services. The Drupal team will try to help you out if you run into problems, but keep in mind - much of this functionality is fully under Twitter's control.

Generating Twitter Embeds

  1. Visit Twitter's publishing site and enter the Twitter URL you would like to embed (such as a timeline). Hit the Enter key to continue.
  2. Twitter will show you your display options based on the type of URL you provided. Select one to continue.
  3. Optional: Click Set Customization Options to modify the style of your embed. Click Update when you're done customizing to commit your modifications.
  4. Copy the code that appears, and go to the Drupal page or block you want to place the embed on.
    • If you're using a block, we recommend setting it to appear in the right sidebar region.
  5. Under CKEditor, change the text format of your page or block to CP Extended Filter. (This will NOT work in the default format CP Standard!).
  6. Enter the Source view of CKEditor on your page or block and paste the Twitter code where you would like the embed to appear.
  7. Save the page or block and you should be good to go!

As a final note, please be aware that some adblocking browser add-ons will stop Twitter's javascript from loading. Users with these blockers will see only a link to the Twitter URL you entered in Step 1.

Additional Resources

Want to know more about Twitter embeds?

Check out the Twitter Development Documentation! Twitter even has a page on Embedded Timelines.

Sample Twitter Embed

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