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Setting and Editing the Mega Menu

If you would like to use more sophisticated main menu for your site, you can use the bulit-in Mega Menu. Mega Menus can accommodate much greater number of navigation links, as well as more complex menu structures, as shown below, or as used on Cal Poly's main site (calpoly.edu).

Sample Mega Menu

Setting and editing the Mega Menu is simple. Just follow the steps below to set up a mega menu on your site.

  1. After logging in to manage your site, click on "Appearance" on the top toolbar.

    Site admin toolbar with Appearance selected
  2. Once on Appearance page, click "Settings" under "Cal Poly Standard theme"

    Top section of the appearance settings page
  3. Scroll down and check the box show below, unless it is already checked.

    Use the Mega Menu in the Main Navigation check box, checked
  4. IMPORTANT: Any changes made to the "Mega Menu Code" cannot be undone. It is strongly recommended that you copy-and-paste the original code to a separate file or document before you make any changes to it. 
  5. Each navigation or menu item in the Mega Menu is a HTML link in the following format:

    <a href="[link to the page]">[name of menu item]</a>

    Replace [link to the page] with the valid link for your menu item to point to, and replace [name of menu item] with the name of the menu item (i.e. "Contacts").

    The figure below shows the initial state of the Mega Menu code. Change the menu links (marked with a red box) from "#" to the desired links, and change the menu name text from pre-set text (marked with a blue box) to the menu item names for your site.

    Mega Menu Code Demonstration
  6. Make sure the save the changes you made by clicking "Save Configuration at the bottom of the page. As mentioned above, once saved, the previous configuration cannot be restored.

    Save Configuration button at the bottom of the page

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