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Webforms 4.15 Update

Version 4.15 of the popular Webforms module is coming to Cal Poly's Drupal sites this September! Here's what you need to know -

Quick Overview

  1. Advanced grids are now available! You can nest other components inside grids.
  2. Advanced grids don't work well with the "unique" or "required" settings checkboxes.
    • None of the advanced grid additions will impact existing forms - we're just giving you a heads-up if you start using that feature!
  3. More information is now provided in the Form Component table.
    • If the bigger table overlaps with your right sidebar, you can hide right sidebar blocks from your webform configuration pages. 

The full details on each of these major patch notes are included below -

Advanced Grids

You can now nest other webform components inside of a grid component to create "advanced grids". This allows for a lot more layout flexibility. Below, you can see a sample of what a grid might look like with two select options components and a text field nested inside.

Advanced Grid with two select options and one text field component

You can "nest" components in a grid by dragging them under the grid component and then indenting them - just like you add components to a field set.

Unique Validation

Grid components have a "unique" validation option you can check when configuring them. If "unique" is checked, users may only use each answer once.

This can be useful, but our testing has indicated it does not work well with the new advanced grids. On normal grids it functions better in 4.15 than it did before, so it won't break any of your existing forms. But if you begin to utilize the advanced grid functionality, which suggest you disable unique validation for those components.

Required Components

"Required" is a checkbox available for all input form components. When enabled, it means your form users must fill out that component in order to submit the form (it cannot be left blank!).

This is not a new feature, but it does behave inconsistently with the new advanced grid components. As with unique validation, it won't break any of your existing forms, but we suggest you test your form if you're attempting to mix the required and advanced grid features together.

Field Keys on Form Components Page

Field keys are now displayed in the table you see on the Form Components page. This makes field keys much easier to find, which is a great improvement for many users!

However, it does make the Form Components table bigger. If the table's increased size causes overlap with your right sidebar, you can mitigate it by turning off your right sidebar specifically on your webform configuration pages (like the form components page).

Go to Structure, then Blocks, and select Configure for the block in your right sidebar. Scroll down to Visibility Settings and add the following text on its own line:


Note that this will only apply if your block has All Pages Except Those Listed selected for its Visibility Settings. Any blocks you have set to Only The Listed Pages should already be hidden on your webform configuration pages.


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